Niek Roozen Landscape

Niek Roozen Landscape wants to contribute to a healthier world. Our message is simple: GREEN. More and diverse green is needed in the cities as well as in the countryside. Real green: trees, plants and flowers. Green for clean air, cooling, comfortable microclimate, water storage and biodiversity. Green for a healthy city and a vital landscape. An investment in green is valuable, for biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, social interaction, sport and recreation; for the well-being of people, nature and the environment.

During the Floriade 2002 in Haarlemmermeer we introduced, together with Plant Publicity Holland, the ‘Green City Philosophy’: a green strategy for city development. This philosophy has been the starting point for all our designs ever since. Climate change and altering economic circumstances force us to think about a sustainable society. Our projects display the positive influences of plants. According to various research flowering and evergreen plants are shown to have a positive effect on our well-being. That is our passion: creating a liveable and enjoyable habitat for living, working and recreational environments.

Our office has a long history with projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Our experience with exhibitions, Dutch Horticultural Expos and International Expos has taken us all over the world. We have a lot of Chinese clients, because of the way we create strong ideas and combine this with our Dutch knowledge of water and agriculture.

We are good at making strong concepts and prefer to work closely with our clients and developers to ensure the quality of the construction is high, where the construction budget is leading.